Black Friday 2019 Deals: find the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday 2019 & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals

Here, you will find everything you need to know about UK’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 2019 and where to get the best deals.

When is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

For this year, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 23rd. Deals are available on the high street and online.
And then just four days later, on Monday November 26th is Cyber monday (2019) which is a day mainly for tech sales.

On Black Friday, many retailers slash their prices dramatically for 24 hours. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The price drops could be on anything from electronics to clothing or even holidays. In the UK, a huge number of stores had Black Friday deals last year and the number of stores getting involved with black Friday is growing year by year. As such, there are so many deals out there so a little bit of preparation might be worth doing. Our team at Voucher Codes Daily is here to help you with that. All the best deals will be online, as most if not all shoppers plan to shop online nowadays – So come back here to on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and we will show you the best deals right on this page, so you can confidently buy products at their best prices. Whether you are looking for a new HDTV, 4K TV, a computer, a laptop or a new mobile phone, our team will point you to the right products showing the best prices on these big saving days. The deals that will be shown on this page will be proper bargains that our team has found on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for all major retailers.

  • Amazon (online) – After Amazon’s Prime Day, this is another big day where you can save big on amazon. Expect sales on a wide range of things including gaming items, tech such as Amazon’s Echo speaker and Fire tablet. Over the years, they had black Friday discounts on various other items such as fashion and jewellery as well. They will offer them as lightning deals which are available for a period of time. Due to the huge number of items available on amazon, there will be plenty of great offers available including some of the most popular items, so you won’t need to worry too much on missing out. Check out the best deals for Amazon Black Friday as they are released here.
  • Argos (either in store or online) – This high street chain is a great place for shoppers looking for a great selection of black Friday deals. From toys, to tech, to electronics like HDTV’s, Laptop and Tablets. Last year, their best deals sold out quickly so keep an eye out on your favourite items if you are looking to get a bargain. Check out the best deals for Argos Black Friday here.
  • Currys PC World (either in store or online) – This high street chain is a massive electronics retailor who offer huge savings on a variety of products, throughout each of their departments, on black Friday. This includes electronic items, tech gadgets and various discounts on big grand products like Apple laptops(Macbook), Tablets(Ipad, Samsung Galaxy) and Fitbit. Be on the look out for prices drop on TVs(HDTV, 4KTV) and Audio equipment from brands such as Sony, Samsung and LG. Some home appliances discounts will also present with brands like Dyson or Russell Hobbs. Check out the latest and best deals for Currys Black Friday as they are released here.
  • Sports Direct (either in store or online) – This is largest sports-goods retailer in the UK who offer great discounts on various fitness clothes, sport wets and accessories on Black Friday. They have a lot of good deals on branded trainers, hoodies on black Friday and drop prices on specialist gear for running, cycling or camping. You can expect to find great deals with popular brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma at SportsDirect. Check out the best deals for Sports Direct Black Friday here.
  • Debenhams (either in store or online) – This high street giant will have some great deals on various home appliances, fashion clothing(menswear/womenswear) and electronics from popular brands on black Friday. You can get also some great bargains on items such as tablets and laptops through Debenhams plus. Check out the best deals for Debenhams Black Friday here.

iPad Tablets(2019) and iPhone’s (iPhone X)

Apple products are rarely discounted so even a small discount on their products is a huge deal. On black Friday, you can expect price drops on their last year models. The popularity of apple products grows every year and they usually have some of the best tech based on various tech reviewing sites. So, if you are looking to get one of their flagship products, then black Friday is the day to get your hands on an apple product, at a discount price.

You could be in the market for their iPad pro, or the iPad Mini or the lighter iPad air. Whatever tablet you are looking for, you will find the best deals for this powerful smart tablet on black Friday so check back on this page to see what deals are available. The latest iPad (2019) model has been around long enough so expect to see some discounts on this model as well.

If you are in the market for their phones, don’t expect to see any huge reductions on their latest models such as the iPhone XS/XS Max, or iPhone XR  as they have only been around a few months. But you can still expect some discounts on these models just on black Friday. The older models such as iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will see greater reductions so keep an eye out. Black Friday is different for every year and this year could be the year where they have deals on all models including the latest so check back here to get the best deals on Apple’s iPhone X models.

Get the latest Apple Black Friday deals here as they are available.

PS4 and Xbox One

PS4 and Xbox one (gaming consoles) have always been a part of black Friday sales by most retailers. They are loved by serious gamers and casual players alike.

For PS4, you can expect to get some good bundle deals with games, PS4 controllers and handsets. Or you can always go for standalone consoles which also have great deals on black Friday. If you are looking get the latest PS4 model with the highest spec, then PS4 Pro would be the model you want. There is sure to be some great discounts and bundle deals on the PS4 Pro so keep an eye out here to get the best offer. With the amount of VR content available on the market, expect to see the PlayStation VR headsets to also be discounted along with the games.

For Xbox One, you can find some great deals on the latest models such as the Xbox One S or the powerful Xbox One X. Both the models will be available at great bargains so be on the lookout for these deals. This console is a brilliant buy for black Friday whether it’s as a part of bundle or as a standalone as it comes with a multitude of features such as the addition of ultra HD Blu ray player or exclusive games.

Get the best PS4 Black Friday deals and Xbox One Black Friday deals here as they are available.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Just like the deals on iPhones, expect there to be deals on the latest Samsung galaxy smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S9 and the older but equally powerful Samsung Galaxy S8. We can expect some great contract deals for Black Friday 2019 so be on the look out.

Check back here for the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 Black Friday deals once they are available.

4K TV – OLED and QLED TV’s

4K TV’s are widely popular now and there are tons more content available than ever before, so expect to find some Incredibles deals on 4K TV’s during the black Friday sales. Be sure to check the price history on the 4K TV you are looking to buy through to make sure you are getting a bargain on black Friday. This is the best time to buy any sort of TV, so if 4K TV’s are out of your budget, you should still consider buying a TV on this day as there are some great deals across a huge range of TV’s including the standard Full HD TV’s, HDR TV’s and Curved TVs.

Within the 4K TV range, you have two top of the line tech with Samsung boasting their QLED 4K TV, and Sony and LG with their OLED 4K TV. The difference between these TV’s and the standard LED 4K TV is huge so if you looking to get the best TV on the market consider the two options as there are sure to be some great deals on black Friday. With time, technology becomes cheaper and 4K TV’s are also becoming cheaper so this year’s Black Friday will definitely give you some great offers on some 4KTV sets released in the recent years.

Get the latest OLED 4K TV black Friday deals and QLED 4K TV Black Friday deals here as they are available.

Amazon Black Friday deals – Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Amazon Kindle and fire tablets.  

Amazon’s black Friday is sure to amaze as it always has with their deals and price cuts. They give great discounts on their own branded devices such as Amazon fire Tablet, Kindle, or the Amazon Echo devices that come with alexa.  Last year, we saw some amazing deals on their lineup so this year is sure to be just as good. Expect some huge savings across the board on their branded devices and some fantastic deals on various popular products on their website.

Get the latest Amazon Echo Black Friday Deals here as they are available.

Laptops – Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and other big brands

If you are in the market for a laptop, then Black Friday is the day to shop as retailers offer some awesome deals on laptops with big name brands like HP, Dell and Acer. Deals will be on anything form High performance gaming laptops, to office laptops to basic family laptops suitable for day to day task so you can find whatever suits your needs and save money on this day.

Get the latest Laptop Black Friday Deals here as they are available.

Clothing & Fashion

Deals on clothes has become another big part of Black Friday sales among UK’s most popular fashion and clothing retailers. Whether you are looking for some designer wear or retail branded clothes, expect to see some great discounts on variety of clothes including shirts, suits, trousers, jackets and much more.

Check out the latest Fashion Black Friday deals here as they are available.

Tablets – Surface Pro/Amazon Fire and more

Expect to get some great deals some of the top of the range tablets and notebooks in this year’s black Friday sales among many retailers. The deals would be on Amazon Fire Tablets, Microsoft Surface Book Pro, Samsung Notebook and various others throughout Black Friday and on Cyber Monday.

Check out the best Tablet Black Friday Deals here as they are available.